A little bit about me. I am a Heilbronn Research Fellow in Algebraic Number Theory at the University of Bristol. I am mainly interested in automorphic forms and Galois representations but I often dabble with more concrete things such as lattices, quadratic forms, algebraic codes and integer valued polynomials.


I was awarded my Masters degree at the University of Sheffield in 2011 and stayed in Sheffield to complete my PhD in 2015, under the supervision of Dr Neil Dummigan. My thesis, "Level p paramodular congruences of Harder type" explores specific Eisenstein congruences, as predicted by Harder, between Hecke eigenvalues of Siegel paramodular cusp forms and elliptic cusp forms.

In my spare time I like to play the baritone/euphonium. I have played in brass bands for most of my life and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences, both socially and competitively!